MBFA's Reaction to Administration Budget Proposal Impact on Municipal Bonds

The MBFA is disappointed in the proposal within the Administration budget that, as in prior budgets, caps tax exempt interest on municipal bonds at 28%.

MBFA Reacts to Camp Tax Reform Draft

The MBFA is disappointed in the proposals within Chairman Dave Camp’s (R-MI) tax reform draft that applies a new 10% surtax on municipal bonds and eliminates private activity bonds and advance refundings of bonds.

MBFA Executive Committee urges U.S. Senators to include federal tax exemption for municipal bonds.

The MBFA Executive Committee has written all U.S. Senators urging them to ensure that the federal tax exemption for municipal bonds is included in any "blank slate" approach to tax reform.

MUNICIPAL BONDS FOR AMERICA is a non-partisan coalition of municipal bond issuers and State and local government officials along with other municipal market professionals working together to explain the benefits of the tax-exempt municipal bond market which provides the financing needed to build vital infrastructure throughout the United States.

As we work to renew economic growth in America, it is critical that cities and states have access to the capital they need to make our nation competitive.

Harry Black, Director of Finance at the City of Baltimore