Muni Bonds 201: An Educational, Breakfast Seminar on Tax-Exempt Municipal Bonds

Policy experts will discuss the challenges for the municipal market in maintaining full access to the tax-exemption as tax reform takes shape. View the recap.

Webinar Recap: Mismeasurement of the Efficiencies of the Municipal Tax Exemption - March 9, 2017

On Thursday, March 9th, approximately 50 industry groups representing issuers, investors, and state and local governments, participated in the MBFA/Court Street Group Research webinar on the Mismeasurement of the Municipal Tax-Exemption.

385 Organizations Sign Letter to Save the Muni-Exemption

The Municipal Bonds for America (MBFA) Coalition sent a new letter to the House and Senate Leaders urging them to retain the current law status on municipal bonds as a part of their ongoing debate on comprehensive tax reform.

MUNICIPAL BONDS FOR AMERICA is a non-partisan coalition of municipal bond issuers and State and local government officials along with other municipal market professionals working together to explain the benefits of the tax-exempt municipal bond market which provides the financing needed to build vital infrastructure throughout the United States.

This is not dessert, this is bread and butter…investment in our cities is non-negotiable.

Stephen Benjamin, MBFA Chairman